Welcome home my friend!

Where your emotions and beloved memories found a place
they will be cherished forever.

I'm addicted to emotions. I'm loud, lively, curious.
I love to explore the world. See the beauty around us in every little detail. 
But I love beeing home on the other hand. With my beloved guy, cats and horse. 
I never learned photography in a classy way.
And I even haven't got a camera in my tiny hands when I was a child.
It came up that life showed me the long way round what keeps me
going and inspired.

Making people happy.

Delight them and make them feel radiant. I want to create stuff that matters. 
Pictures that make you feel. Let you dive into the moment and bring up
emotions you thought were long gone.  

I love traditions. But to be honest: Just as long they fit to you.
I want couples get along their own way. Create their day as it fits perfectly
to their personality and wants. From A to Z.
I want people that are loud. quiet. giggling. genuine. real. hugging. teasing.
loving. open-minded. Couples that can't keep their eyes off each other.
And won't stop cuddling although my camera already finished.
People that are bold and show their real inside.

If photography is just another "check" on your wedding To-Do-List –
I may not be the perfect fit but that's fine because you will find someone
that fits your needs.

But if you feel home right here, if pictures and all the loving memories and
emotions coming up are a huge part of your life. If you get that warm feeling
inside looking at my work – get in touch. Tell me about you, your dreams and
we'll create some magic together.



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