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  • Engagement session Naxos

  • Engagement session Naxos Everything happens in your mind. Even summer. For more wildness and freedom. Having fun on the beach of the beautiful Island Naxos, Part of the kyklades, Greece. Two people, life well travelled, seen so much and world citizens. Tina&Basti were so comfy and lov [...]
  • Engagement couple Session Barcelona

  • Engagement couple Session Barcelona.  I have this dream about beeing able to travel because of my photography and to photograph because and during my trips. I work for it every single day and it's coming true more and more. Having amazing, adventurous couples like K&M makes m [...]
  • Be YOUnique.

  • Everyone knows these dark, unfriendly seeming restaurants (let's call it Loc. 1), screaming „don't enter“. Opposite: modern, light, friendly restaurants (Loc. 2) with huge window-fronts, telling you, “come in, enjoy, it's beautiful inside”. Sure, maybe dinner a [...]