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wedding photographer schloss mondsee

Last September I had the pleasure beeing the wedding photographer at Schloss Mondsee in Austria to document this beautiful, international wedding of Natasha&Wolfgang. Do you remember their amazing mountain engagement session

That Moment on the morning of the wedding, when you arrive at the getting ready. I love it. Happy voices all over, styling there, Champagne drinking there, making gifts, laughter, a beautiful and excited bride… what a start in an important day. Natasha got ready at a cute little hotel right next to the imposant church at Schloss Mondsee. Her grandfather took her to the altar and a emotional, bilingual ceremony – a highfive to the modern priest followed up. 

We started the bridal portraits right after on this sunny fall day. And here's to the main thing. 

My couples get a really personal guide with lots of tips and help for planing their wedding day. Exclusivly. Because out of my experience from all the weddings I attended I love to share my knowledge with my clients to help them, get a confident feeling and security about scheduling their wedding day. 

Because what most people don't have in mind – the natural light is changing a lot on a sunny day during the hours. This depends on the position of the sun and of course on the intensity. Nothing new you might think. What does she want to tell me. Yes, but depending on this, the mood on every picture changes almost minute-by-minute. Not that fast though, but you know what I mean. 

So you get the perfect light in the early early morning right around sunrise and in the evening when sun is going down. THE Light. The one that get's a fabulous mood and lovely sunflaires into your pictures because it's so soft and beautiful. That light every photographer would love to have 24/7. So trust your photographer if he gives you the advice to schedule your bridal portraits as late as possible. 

If there's no way to schedule your wedding day like this – don't worry – we will great pictures at every time of the day. But why is the midday sun the enemy of every picture? Because through the mostly vertical shining sun and the intensity ugly shadows get on your face and you squint your eyes, even if you don't want them to. And no one wants to see that. So the Pros get their couples right into the shadow places and do some magic. Even when couples are complaining "But it's a sunny day, why don't we shoot in the sun??" – Nope. Deal with it. Or do you want to have shadows and crinkles in your face? On your wedding pictures?! No. You don't. 

To demonstrate how beautiful midday pictures can come out if you find the perfect place among the shades – look at the bridal portraits of Natasha&Wolfgang. Love them! 

Afterwards they went for the reception right into the beautiful schloss mondsee and ended up at a cozy farm near by for the pre party. Later on they went back to Schloss Mondsee for a fun evening with heartbreaking speaches, tears of joy and happy dances. 

Dear N&W, thank you so much for your trust – you rock! 

wedding photographer schloss Mondsee

Natasha&Wolfang Hochzeit Mondsee 1
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 3
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 12
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 51
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 66
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 7
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 72
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 9
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 94
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 164
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 174
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 23
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 22
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 24
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 30 2
Natasha&Wolfang Pre 31
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 215
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 234
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 238 2
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 262
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 274
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 302
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 722
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 751
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 778
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 838
Natasha&Wolfgang Hochzeit 883


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